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Manual Therapy

  • Joint mobilizations – essential to restore normal accessory motions
  • Performed in many varied directions
  • Changes in joint accessory mobility greatly enhance body motion
  • Dynamic process – techniques change with improvements in your condition
  • Is a very relaxing process
  • Can produce endorphins and reduce pain
  • Can reduce stiffness and improve range & quality of motion
  • Involves a hands on approach to therapy

Nerve Mobilization

  • Moves the nerves relative to interfacing structures
  • Reduces nerve impingement
  • Improves nerve mobility
  • Reduces scar adhesions around a nerve
  • Essential following any spinal or nerve surgery
  • Is a very relaxing process
  • Can be performed at home with skilled training
  • Is an advanced technique generally not performed adequately by other practitioners

Maitland Australian Approach

  • Developed by Geoff Maitland in Adelaide, South Australia as he found that conventional treatments of the day could not completely resolve a patient’s condition
  • His approach is based, at times, on reproduction of symptoms and other times on reduction of symptoms
  • Either way, symptomatic movements are reassessed continually throughout the treatment session to assess the effectiveness of the treatment
  • A comprehensive approach to evaluation and treatment
  • A wide number of hypothesis categories are simultaneously evaluated and reasoned through during all stages of the evaluation and treatment session
  • This means that the bias of an evaluation and treatment change continually as more information is received verbally from the patient and physically from the examination
  • Utilizes both a theoretical model and patient based information
  • Theory is utilized but ultimately treatment is based on a patient’s signs and symptoms
  • This enables the right amount of and most appropriate treatment to be administered
  • Treatment is progressed based on a patient’s response to treatment and clinician knowledge and experience
  • Advanced clinicians have a vast knowledge of clinical patterns which improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole session
  • There is a tremendous difference in this method compared to traditional diagnosis or protocol based therapy where a “cookbook” approach is generally used with minimal clinical reasoning
  • The Maitland approach is the most dynamic, patient specific approaches available and provides effective and cost efficient results

Home Exercise Programs

  • Some therapies provide large numbers of standard exercises which studies show people do not generally follow through with
  • There is good reason for this – they are generally not specific for the individual’s presenting complaint but specific for the diagnosis and prepared well ahead of time
  • Hence you may get a sheet with nice pictures of people doing the exercises
  • This may look impressive but may not be specific for the individual’s presentation
  • Most of the exercises that are predesigned cannot be specific for the individual
  • It is only through a thorough evaluation process that the problem can be localized and a minimal number of highly specific exercises be given for the presenting condition
  • As a patient progresses these exercises change and the initial ones are no longer necessary
  • In this way, AMPT provides you with a highly specific, low number of effective exercises that an individual can perform on an “as needed” basis
  • We provide a lot of education on the cause of the problem and ways to prevent recurrences – education can be in the form of anatomy, physiology, ergonomics, appropriate ways to stretch, lifestyle changes, exercise approaches and self management of symptoms

Joint Mobilizations

  • Required to reduce stiffness and both local & referred pain in a joint
  • Very difficult for a person to perform on their own
  • Excellent results obtained when a skilled manual therapist mobilizes the affected joint
  • Patients are generally able to see immediate improvements in range of movement and function

Soft Tissue Mobilizations

  • Injuries generally result in some degree of soft tissue change
  • Joint stiffness is also associated with soft tissue changes
  • It is thus essential to manually mobilize this soft tissue (generally muscle) to prevent and break up any scar tissue and thickenings that are present
  • Physical therapists have excellent training in this and provide rapid relief from soft tissue issues


  • AMPT provides whole body massage, as well as massage to specific body parts
  • Because a physical therapist is providing the massage and our skills far exceed those of other massage providers, the client receives an exceptional evaluation & treatment well above that received elsewhere
  • Massage has been shown to improve circulation, remove toxins, improve spirits, stimulate immunity, decrease stress and above all – feel good!!!


  • Being educated about your condition is one of the first steps to overcoming it
  • Education should be concise, simple and readily understandable
  • Due to the highly skilled up to date training of AMPT therapists, we are able to provide excellent patient education to enable the patient to be empowered
  • Prevention Strategies/Self EmpowermentResolving a patient’s condition may be sufficient for some therapists, but not for AMPT, LLC
  • We pride ourselves in aiming to prevent recurrences of an injury
  • This is achieved through concise manual treatment combined with accurate education and effective home program exercise training
  • Home exercises are specific to the problems of the patient and thus differ from one client to the other
  • We aim not to provide an endless list of exercises that may be performed  for a short duration (if at all) but rather a small number of specific exercises that do not intimidate patients
  • The exercises empower patients to be able to self manage their symptoms and develop control over the causes and results of their problem

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